setting up is not complicated. your usernames have to be ooc and you must have one in character and one ooc post up and visible to the rest of the community for contact. your ooc post must contain basic information about your character. we do not require blurbs or bios but encourage you put up what you want as you figure your character out. please backdate both of your posts before being added.

examples are required to join. link us to them in our screened post by either setting up a custom in your journal locked for us to view or by submitting an example journal. do not pm/copy and paste your examples into the screened post comments.

rejected applications will simply be deleted. we do not reply to questions about rejected applications.

intros must be posted within 72 hours upon being added. you must reply to the comments you receive for your intro to be considered valid. all intros posted count as one if your monthly activity requirements.

monthly requirements you must post twice a month. one of your entries has to be interactive. the second can be interactive or narrative/writing based. all interactive posts count only after you reply to the comments left for you. putting up a ffa or plot post counts as well but we shouldn't be seeing them too often as not to overwhelm members.

updated flists are very important here. we don't want to have a ton of dead characters hogging pbs, liso we will monitor your flists to make sure you're still around. we post the button on the fp every time we have adds so you should be running it regularly if you're still here.

participating in activities is heavily encouraged. we understand that it is impossible to particpate in everything but you should be participating in something when you can. reach out beyond your character's friends.

et cetera
wire is extremely discouraged here but not banned. there is no way to monitor wire use and we don't want to waste our energy. if you want wire that is fine but like every other community we do not measure your activity based on it. customs, intros, activities and everything else on the fp is more important than wire. if you can't keep up with customs/the fp as much as wire we may not be the community for you.